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Common Questions
What is Replin?
Replin is a payment and reputation service that helps buyers and sellers transact with an increased level of trust. Sellers that accept Replin have profiles that showcase their selling history. Buyers are able to learn more about their sellers before making a purchase, and also have the ability to leave public feedback that future buyers can benefit from.
What are the payment methods?
Replin payments are securely handled by PayPal. Buyers can log into PayPal and use their preferred method of payment (PayPal balance, credit/debit card, etc). Guest checkouts also work great. Sellers receive money through their existing PayPal accounts.
How does the reputation system work?
Buyers are able to leave a rating and review for their Replin transactions. This feedback is made publicly available on the seller's Replin Profile, allowing prospective buyers to benefit by having access to all of a seller's history.
What if I don't have PayPal?
As a buyer, PayPal is very convenient, but optional. You can always select to check out as a guest and use your credit or debit card. PayPal accounts are required for sellers, as they are how you'll receive your money.
What currencies are supported?
At the moment, Replin supports USD. Additional currency support is coming soon.
What is a provisional feedback?
If a buyer has not left feedback for the seller after 2 weeks, we give the seller a temporary 5-star rating. The buyer is notified of this and is given a 90-day period to update the review (the update can only be performed once). We hope that this helps sellers build their reputation with each sale they make on Replin, while making sure each individual rating is honest and accurate.
What are seller levels?
Sellers can progress from level to level based on their number of Replin sales with reviews and their average rating. For some levels a seller needs to have a certain number of Replin sales within a specified time period. Note: Imported reviews and feedback do not count towards your level. See chart below:
Level Total Replin Reviews Average Rating Time Frame
Newbie - - -
Trainee 1 4 -
Beginner 5 4.8 -
Expert 10 4.8 -
Elite 25 4.8 -
Master 50 4.8 -
Pro 100 4.9 Last 180 days
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