Sell on Twitter? Mention @OnReplin!

What's @OnReplin?

@OnReplin is a Twitter account managed by the Replin team that automatically replies to tweets it's mentioned in. It replies with a summary of the seller's Replin profile, including their total reputation, their eBay feedback scores (if available), and a link to their Replin profile and payment link.

Here's what it looks like live:

Why should I use it?

Building trust with your buyer is super important when selling through social media. There aren't always easy ways of verifying the identity of someone you don't know, and even the most cautious buyers can get scammed. Mentioning @OnReplin has key benefits:

Set yourself up with @OnReplin, stand out from the crowd, and drive more sales!

Getting Started

Setting everything up is easy and takes just a few steps:

  1. Sign up or log in to Replin
  2. Go to Settings > Connected Accounts and connect your Twitter account
    This allows us to verify your Replin and Twitter accounts belong to the same person.
  3. Follow and mention @OnReplin in your tweets when you sell!

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